Scanner haul 2k14, ft Two lazy naruto boys!!!  

Shikamaru smoking gets me every time

Kiba not smoking gets to me bc his mom basically controls his good for nothing life it’s hilarious Kiba’s mom is fantastic and terrifying


Ino and Shino swapping tips about bugs and flowers would be v. cute

mybae-98: can i ask what style of art you call this? i love it and would like to see if i can find more of it

thank you! im not rly sure how to describe my art style…  ~_~ i guess its like cartoon-ish? Not Anime i hope… LMAO

actually i can rec u some rly nice artists that have super unique art style u might like!!: kargue, suqlingpaaprikaa 

there u go!


…like a silver sandwich!

this is messy and also a joke that has been made already but whatever i just rly wanted to get it out



Hey guys, commissions are now open until August 31st. I’ll be using the money to help pay for rent for my 2nd year of university (LIVING IN AN APARTMENT W/ FRIENDS)! 

Thanks for reading this! PEACE OUT \m/


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Added the two new pictures to the blog theme and drhjyjyhtgrtfweartgeyhruj6htg;;;;


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This is because I’ll be moving to uni in a few weeks so I really want to clear out as many of my old drawings as possible. I’d probably end up recycling or losing them in the process of leaving anyway, so I’d rather they all went to people who can appreciate them more!

heres nathaniel in the three bartimaeus books… practice to draw older looking ppl and lil kids

he;s like 12 > 14 > 18 or st right


hi!! i gained a lot of followers recently, thank u for following! here’s an intro post:

  • i post my art on here, tagged with #jununyarts, and i reblog other ppl’s art, tagged with #reblog
  • this is a sideblog so i cant follow back! but i follow with my main blog, however that url isn’t public and u have to ask me for it!
  • i have a twitter that i use to post sketches + wips, and its easier to chat with me through it (im 2 lazy to reply to messages and post replies on tumblr…)
  • my storenvy and commissions are open right now! the money i make from this will help me pay for textbooks and groceries for the coming school year
  • most of my art is league of legends, naruto, and homestuck fanart
  • add me on league NA! im shikamarun on there. i cant guarantee i can play games w/ you tho because my laptop is a toaster and my internet is run by gerbils.
  • my name is jenny

pce out

TWO PPL’S BDAYS yesterday and today! FOR SARITA AND ADAM!! happy bdays BRUHS!