present: wake up at 1PM. “breakfast” (mackerel sushi and kelp salad) prepared by ino and choji. sit around all day playing cards and being lazy turds with ino and choji. no chores or work!!

【POC LEAGUE】 Egyptian Sivir

i am rly rly happy in the new shurima vid sivir isnt randomly white as fuck as opposed to the snowstorm sivir splash art where she was like. so so white   omfg…. -___-


i drew shikacho for david once 0:

powpowhammer: with the shurima reveal, have you thought about adding sivir to your awesome poc league? I'm sure you've gotten this question a lot DX


i think even in her splash arts sivir always had clear egyptian bone structure and i rly want to draw that ^_^


context aka why does piglet have a mustache

im loving imp’s new hair colour….. here are ur season 4 world champions… lmAO

blackstar: i just wanted to let u know that your piece in the naruto zine is the reason i bought it i was doubtful if team 10 would be in it all in one group but :'| there they are

that is rly great to hear omfg  i hpoe you enjoy your copy of zine and all other cool pieces too ahahah  !!



details: 8.5” x 11”, glossy cardstock

I CAN ONLY TAKE 5 ORDERS!!! (i only have 5 envelopes left haha)

Now that university has started again for me, I’ll be closed AFTER SEPTEMBER 20th and re-opening in december after exams

have fun at school guys lmao ~_~ pce out


i obviously drew team 10 for it hahhaa i lvoe team 10…


"Where is Home?" is a comic and illustration anthology I launched early this summer on Kickstarter. We successfully smashed through our goal of $4k, which is huge for a relatively unknown collection of artists who attempted something like this for the first time!

Well, we enjoyed the experience so much the first time that we’re going to attempt it again! Volume 2 of “Where is Home?” will launch next summer, should we garner enough interest and enthusiasm for the project a second time around.

And we want a much larger volume this time around! We hit 60 pages for our first volume, but I want to hit 100. Maybe 120!! Who knows!

We had over 80 artists apply for volume 2, which completely floored me! So many passionate and talented artists poured in to make their mark, and it was an extremely difficult decision to narrow them down to the 30 I had originally planned for. So I pushed my comfort number to 38! And I’m pleased to introduce them to you now!



It’s going to be an absolutely FANTASTIC publication, and I’m super thrilled to be heading it!! I hope you’ll be there in May to support our kickstarter campaign to springboard this book into print!

rly happy 2 b a part of this bruhhs!!

queen cait and knight vi for the royalty prompt


hi!! i gained a lot of followers recently, thank u for following! here’s an intro post:

  • i post my art on here, tagged with #jununyarts, and i reblog other ppl’s art, tagged with #reblog
  • this is a sideblog so i cant follow back! but i follow with my main blog, however that url isn’t public and u have to ask me for it!
  • i have a twitter that i use to post sketches + wips, and its easier to chat with me through it (im 2 lazy to reply to messages and post replies on tumblr…)
  • my storenvy and commissions are open right now! the money i make from this will help me pay for textbooks and groceries for the coming school year
  • most of my art is league of legends, naruto, and homestuck fanart
  • add me on league NA! im jununy on there. i cant guarantee i can play games w/ you tho because my laptop is a toaster and my internet is run by gerbils.
  • my name is jenny

pce out