PILTOVER FAMILY!! i had to split into 2 photos otherwise tumblr resizes it badly.

FULLVIEW/UNSPLICD HERE! (its a reeaallly big file and u will see how messy my painting is lmao)

8.5” x 11” print now available on storenvy!

spainstateofmind: I LOVE your POC LoL ladies idea! Your Diana was spot on. Keep it up!

THANK YOU im super glad some people like it! like i know league has a decent amount of POC champs but tHERE CAN ALWAYS BE MORE!! believe it 

korean riven! 

ive always picture riven as korean and then i saw a photo of CL from 2ne1 and i was like. yeah. THAT IS RIVEN.

next up, my demacia girls, fiora and vayne!

praise the moon!!

ummmm idk if ppl will get super mad about this but im gonna do a series where i draw a bunch of league champs as POC because i feel like it!! NEXT UP IS RIVEN


i stayed up until 6am and finished reading the last book…………


8.5” x 11” print now available on storenvy!


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I should’ve posted this sooner but I’ve been lazy. I’ll be adding more prints throughout the summer to the shop! Thanks for supporting me!


 asked: 9

:^) heh guess wat prompt 9 is :^)

tropfraispourvous: 11, please!

11. My favourite pokemon

ALWAYS CHARMANDER. I FUCKING LOVE! CHARMANDERS! if u ask my middle school classmates.. even the ppl who hated me would know my fav pokemon is charmander.


from a stream which ended at 4am ……………………

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SO, Y’ALL KNOW I AM STILL IN HOMESTUCK HELL AFTER 4 YEARS. love it… love vriska… i dont even USE pesterchum but i downloaded it so i can have a bunch of HS related icons on my desktop. also i have auto-hide on the taskbar because it gets in the way when i play league lmfao (background art by awrrrq) 


  • Take a screenshot of your desktop.
  • Don’t delete anything.
  • Don’t change anything.

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found the wip for this hiding in my folder so yee


testing a relaxing doodle style that is far from my original style (full view pls)