jununy ❀ ✿
im jenny and welcome to my 2nd crib where i dump my art

i draw too much league of legends korean gamer nerds


i bunch of shit i drew during class uh mostly avatar au where they play sburb ok omg i spent way too long planning shit out for them i have their titles and everything down i shoudl pay more attention during class nope IM REALLY ADAMANT ABOUT TOPH HAVING PLATEKIND STRIFE SPECIBUS I MEAN COME ONE THAT GIRL PROBABLY WHIPS CHINA PLATES OFF THE CUPBOARDS AT IMPS JFC

theres a rule 63 jet and zuko somewhere in there also

i foudn a blue pen that was p good i didnt even know i had it so thats the only ”coloured” page

Posted: 1 year ago on July 17, 2012 with 42 notes

Tags: ▴avatarhomestuckpoop arti dont really want to tag every character because this is just shitty artno one needs to see this omgatlalokkidstrolljununyarts

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